Switch Adapted Vibrating Hedgehog


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We’re not sure what our daughter loves most about this Switch Adapted Hedgehog…..the calming music or the vibration;  whatever it is, she loves this soft toy.


Press and release a switch (switch sold separately) to activate a series of short calming melodies or nighttime sounds with calming vibrations.


The Hedgehog has 4 factory settings:

1. Short melodies/sounds with vibrations.

2. Long melodies with vibrations.

3. **Music only.

4. **Vibrations only.


Please Note:  Two of the settings….**Music Only and **Vibrations Only….can be activated with a switch but cannot be interrupted with a switch and will continue to play until the toy is physically turned off with the on/off button.


When you receive the toy it will be set to short melodies/sounds with vibrations.  The setting can be changed by opening the back of the toy and removing the insert.  (careful not to pull from the cord)


This toy requires 3 AA batteries.  Batteries included.


Use with any single switch with a 1/8″ plug.  Switches sold separately.





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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in

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