Playskool Busy Gears


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Playskool Busy Gears

(not switch adapted)


Lights, music and movement.  This is a great toy at home for therapy and play!!  We use this toy in both speech therapy and occupational therapy.  Press the button to make the brightly coloured gears turn, lights twinkle and music play.  The interchangeable brightly coloured gears can be stacked, sorted and re-arranged, encouraging hands-on exploration and fine motor skills.


This toy has been a long-time favourite in our home.  Our daughter loves to listen to the gears turn and loves to feel the gears spin.  This toy motivates her to look, listen and touch.


Features: 11 brightly coloured stacking gears; 4 with easy to grasp tops, lights, and sounds.


Uses 3 AA batteries. Batteries included.


NOTE:  This toy is packaged in a Hasbro factory direct fuss-free cardboard box.  It is not in toy store packaging.  



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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 2.8 × 11 in


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