Welcome to Switch Enabled!

We’re a special needs family that switch adapts toys for children with special needs. We started adapting toys 8 years ago for our daughter Katherine. Our desire to make more affordable, switch adapted toys is inspired by her, and children like her, who love to play but need a little help with access. What started as a hobby for my techie husband, adapting toys and switches for Katherine and some of her friends, has grown into a family business we’re very proud of.  As the parents of a special needs child, we know first hand how hard it is to find toys our children can play with.  We want to help! 

The first (and last) switch adapted toy we ever bought Katherine was Pudgey Pig.  She was introduced to Pudgey in therapy when she was 2 and loved him. We loved him too but were shocked at the price tag.

Our goal is to adapt fun and current toys and to offer them at the best possible price.  We focus primarily on early learning cause & effect toys that children are often introduced to in therapy. We also do custom adaptions. If there’s something specific you would like adapted, send us a message, and we’ll see what we can do.

We believe that play is important for all children and that all children deserve to play. 

Thank you for visiting with us!

Fernando & Diana